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Earth may be known as the “water planet” but even though about 70 percent of its surface is covered by water, less than 1 percent is available for human use. Water supplies are finite, and we can all help protect this critical and precious resource.

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City of Romney Water Filtration Plant

The current City of Romney Filtration Plant began operation in 2000 and is located west of Romney along RT. 50 at Indian Heights . Employees of the Filtration plant are as follows.

Rick Davis – Supervisor and Class III Water Operator
Steven “Tater” Bowers – Class III Water Operator
Kenneth Maiers – Class II Water Operator
Bill Henry – Class II Water Operator

The hours of operation are 7:00am thru 4:30pm weekdays and 7:00am till 4:30pm weekends, 7 days a week 365 days per year.

Bulk water customer hours are from 10:00am till 2:00pm daily.

Telephone number – (304) 822- 3639

For after hours emergencies call (304) 822-5118 and your call will be forwarded to the appropriate person on call.


The original water system for the City of Romney consisted of a cistern located on “Tank Hill” south of town at the present site of the cellular tower. Water was pumped from the spring at Mechanicsburg Gap to this cistern that gravity fed to the city residents. In 1928 the system was upgraded to a filtration plant located on the west side of town near the Romney Bridge . And again in 1969 the plant was modernized and expanded to serve the growing community.

The current plant was built just south of RT. 50 up on the hill to alleviate the problems associated with flooding at the old location; the 1985 flood completely submerged the old plant. The current plant consists of an intake system which draws water from the South Branch River; the water is then pumped to a settling basin adjacent to the plant where large particulate is allowed to settle out by means of a chemical flocculation process and other chemicals are added to help reduce offensive taste and odors. From here the water is pumped into the actual filters which consist of an up flow clarifier followed by a slow sand filter there are two of these filters that operate at a flow of 600 gpm (gallon per minute), which equals 72,000 gph (gallons per hour). The filtered water is then chlorinated and flows into the finished water wet well which acts as a reservoir to hold potable water and also as a chlorine contact tank allowing the chlorine to have time to deactivate pathogens that may be in the water. The water is then fluoridated and pumped into the distribution system and is now available to our customers. The distribution system consists of many miles of underground plumbing and three holding tanks located around town, these tanks are filled during the day as the plant is operating and water flows by gravity to our customers 24 hours a day as needed. These tanks also represent a constant source of water for fire suppression in the event it is needed.

The City of Romney also supplies our neighboring utility, Central Hampshire Public Service District, with water. The water is then distributed east of Romney city limits along RT. 50 serving several small towns and communities along the way. They also distributed water north of the City limits along RT. 28.

The City of Romney Filtration Plant treats approximately 500,000 gallons of water per day at the present time, or approximately 182,500,000 gallons per year. The present plant has a design capacity of 1,500,000 per day to serve an ever growing community. Water production and plant operations are in full compliance with the rules for the governing of a water utility as mandated by the Public Service Commission (PSC), of West Virginia .

The City of Romney is a member of The West Virginia Rural Water Association- 1-800-339-4513. The West Virginia Rural Water Association is an organization designed to assist water and wastewater utilities; they provide continuing education training for operators as well as technical and physical support as requested by those utilities which they serve.

In addition, it is the intent of the City of Romney Filtration Plant to provide potable water in compliance with the regulations set forth by the State of West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources – Bureau of Public Health – Office of Environmental Health Services-