tucson maid services

Do I Need a Maid Service?

Maid service is a relatively new term used in describing people that provide special services to people. They are also called cleaning services, janitorial service, or apartment cleaning service since most of their job revolves around cleaning.

Hiring one of these professionals might seem expensive for many people. But then, when you consider that time is money, and they help you save your time, their service becomes attractive.

Besides, you don’t have to get your hands dirty doing all of your work. It’s more of what economists call, lost opportunity cost. In this article, you will see how expensive Tucson maid services are. You can decide if you need one and how much to tip the maid service at home.

How Much Does Maid Service Cost in Tucson?

On average, you are likely to spend about $170 for maid services in Tucson. For most residents, Tucson maid services costs between $110 and $230. Most of the companies that run these services charge either on flat fees or on an hourly basis.

Whichever way it is, the cost of the maid service that you choose would be determined by the following:

  • The size of your house or the area you intend to clean: With larger homes or sites, the cost of maid service would be higher. Also, the cost of the Tucson maid service increases with the number of bathrooms in your house.
  • The type of service you need determines the maid service’s cost: Since deep cleaning would require more effort and time, such kind of assistance would cost you more.
  • The kind of equipment the maid service brings along: The prices are higher when the maid service uses their gear. You can have cheaper service if they use the equipment in your house.
  • Like with any service, special requests always come with added costs. For instance, if you want hypoallergenic cleaning products or you want to add some extra assistance. You could also be given discounts if you would like to exclude some of the service’s menu.
  • As a form of appreciation, you could get discounts from the maid services for regular use. Some others give out first-time offers to their customers as well.
  • Finally, if you have a pet area, some Tucson maid services might charge you extra.

Steps to Hiring Maid Service in Tucson

Hiring a maid service might seem easy from afar, whereas it requires a lot of work. For your safety, you must only pick the best service.

That’s because these people are going to be at your house to do the cleaning. More importantly, you don’t want to play into the hands of fraudsters.

Therefore, here are steps to ensure you pick only the best.

  1. Check the company’s licensing and insurance. Fraudulent companies would not have the appropriate license, bonding, or insurance.
  2. Ask about the staff of the company. Ask to see their background information and drug test. Most importantly, are they trained? This part is particularly important so you can ascertain the safety of your home in the hands of these strangers.
  3. Ensure you know the cleaning the company offers beforehand. Cross-check the prices of what you need with the budget you have. If it is available, ask for signed estimates upfront. It would serve as evidence in case they want to bring up issues later.
  4. Finally, read reviews of other customers like you. Read as many as possible from as many sites as possible to have a clear picture of the company and how they treat their customers. It would be best if you only went with companies with a good reputation and good standing on the internet.

How Much to Tip Maid Service at Home

How much to Tip Maid Service at Home

The amount of tip you give your maid service largely depends on how often you use them. Etiquette professionals believe you should tip people that you hire one time or not so frequently. While there is no fast rule to it, tips between $10 and $20 are good enough.

For those who work for you all year round, you do not have to tip them every time. Instead, you can go with a yearly cash bonus or a thoughtful gift at the end of the year.

Tips are to show that you appreciate their jobs and are by no means a necessity. Therefore, giving them out is always up to you to decide. Also, the extent of the tip is left to your discretion.


Once you have found the right Tucson maid service for you, the rest of the process is easy. Most of them allow you to schedule cleaning on the phone. For others, it’s over the internet.

For convenience, some others will enable you to use either of the two. With the pointers we have provided, you should find it easy to choose the right maid service in Tucson.