Webinar Study: The Formats And Types Of Content To Choose From

Find out which types of webinars and content are most needed.

The webinar allows professionals to gain credibility by dealing with a subject on which they are experts, and it is also an opportunity for them to interact more easily with their target audience. To create effective webinars, it is necessary to identify the desires and expectations of your registrants beforehand.

The Most Anticipated Types Of Webinars

In a study conducted by Hubspot, they got the following responses:

  • 27% prefer to participate in webinars who teach them new things about a passion or hobby,
  • 24% prefer to attend webinars who entertain them,
  • 18% chose webinars that would be useful to their careers or teach them new things about their industry,
  • 22% of people say they are interested in all of the topics proposed above.

Note: HubSpot notes that the study was conducted on consumers of all ages and career levels. The desires can therefore vary on specific audiences, such as executives or B2B sales.

The Webinar Formats That Are Of Greatest Interest

Respondents answered the question: “Which webinar format does you think is most interesting?”

The answers are:

  • 30% prefer a presentation that teaches them to do something specific, something concrete,
  • 16% choose a webinar in the form of questions/answers with a known person or influencer,
  • 15% of people are interested in all types of webinars in the form of questions/answers,
  • 12% prefer a webinar with a presentation on a broad topic,
  • 8% of people are more interested in a webinar in the form of questions/answers with an expert in their industry,
  • 20% of people say they are interested in all types of formats.

There is a real interest in webinars taking place in the form of questions/answers (Q-A) because a total of 39% of respondents are interested in this type of presentation.

The Most Anticipated Types Of Content In A Webinar

Another question was asked by HubSpot: “What content would you most like to see in a webinar?”

The answers are:

  • 22% would prefer to see a host or presenter answering participants’ questions,
  • 19% of people say they don’t have preferences as long as the content is interactive,
  • 19% like the presence of surveys or quizzes,
  • 14% have no preferences,
  • 8% like to be able to view videos.

According to the results of this study, interactive content seems to be a key element in a successful webinar. Polls, quiz, videos, live chat are elements that allow to create an exchange with the participants and therefore to maintain their attention. It is important not to neglect this content because it is the ones that will allow you to develop the engagement of your audience.